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Exclusive Wholesale Distributors of Nano Silver DispersionsExtremely Stable Dispersions of Nano

Concentrations From 0.3% ( 3,000 ppm ) to 20% ( 200,000 ppm)* of Nano Silver

After 14 years of Research And Development In Silver Colloids we are able to satisfy large orders of our HighTech Nano Silver DispersionSilver Has Been Used Successfully For More Than 2000 Years For Antimicrobial Purposes. Now It Is Possible To Take Advantage of Our Advanced Nano Silver Formulations Which Offer An Extremely Efficient Use Of The Noble Metal.

Why Never Use Transparent Silver

Composition :
Our Concentrated Silver
Dispersions Contain 2.5% ( 25,000 ppm)
Of Highly Dispersed Nano Silver
Stabilized With a Biocompatible Polymer.
All Other Inorganic And Organic Impurities
Are In Negligible Concentrations.

Colloidal Silver Facts vs Myths

The Silver is Present in the Form of Completely
Non-Aggregated Silver Nanoparticles, On
Average 10 Nano-Meters in Diameter, Which
Are Maintained Indefinitely In a Fully Dispersed
State By A Special Stabilizer.

Properties / Advantages :

The Benefits Of Silver Metal In Both Bulk And Colloidal Forms Are Widely Known And Exploited In Many Fields Of Technology And Life Sciences. The Benefits In The Latter Applications Are Significantly Enhanced When The Metallic Silver Is In A Highly Dispersed Form,
i.e. Our Silver Dispersion Consists Of Particles Several Nanometers In Size Suspended In A Liquid Dispersion Medium. Because Of Their High Conce-ntration In Silver, Our Dispersions Are Extremely Convenient For Transp-ortation, Storage and Dispensation.
For example:
One single drop (~ 0.03 ml ) of our 25000ppm dispersion added to 100 ml of liquid provides a concentration of 9 ppm elemental silver.
The sample still contains trillions of 10 nm Ag particles that ensure a extremely effective antimicrobial effect.
Need to treat large volumes of liquid (swimming pools, spas, water purification stations)?
Just 1.0 liter of our 25000ppm dispersion added to 10890 liters => 33,000 bottles at 330 ml /bottle in a concentration of silver of ~3ppm, which still provides good antimicrobial activity.
For drinking water concentration is 60ppb- 100ppb => from only 1 liter of Silver DispersionConcentrate 25000ppm you can treat 412500 liters of water at 60ppb
The Silver Nanoparticles Remain Fully Dispersed Even When They Are Diluted With Liquids With Very Complex Compositions.
As a Result The Distribution Of Silver In The Resulting Samples Remain Hom- ogeneous For Extremely Long Period Of Time.
In Contrast Other Competitor Brands Of Nano Silver Tend To Aggregate Not Only After They Are Mixed In Other Liquids , But , With Time, Even In The Containers In Which They Are Supplied. Because of their excellent stability our concentrated dispersion have a practically unlimited shelf life.

Below are the UV -VIZ graphs for Mountain Dew, Pepsi Cola, Sprite, etc / Spiked With Our Silver Dispersion .

( 1 drop of 3% dispersion / 100 ml)Click on Pictures to See Them Larger !

Silver + Pepsi Cola


Silver + Mountain Dew


Silver +Sprite


Pictures Of Our Nano Silver Particles





Images Of Isolated Nano Silver Particles Obtained By :

a) Field Emission and b) Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Isolated Silver Nanoparticles
* Samples require extra processing and are available at premium price